Snom PA1+ VoIP Paging Amplifier

• SIP communication + Multicast
• Centralised configuration and maintenance
• Web interface menu
• Remote volume configuration
• 4 Watt power amplifier, class D (loudspeaker not included)
• Key for announcement of IP address and for resetting
• 2 LED status indicators
• 2 x  3.5 mm jacks for headphone connection
• 4 freely programmable output pins, configuration via web interface
• Robust housing for wall-mount

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Snom PA1+ is Snom’s proven SIP announcement and public address system that has a few additional “tricks” up its sleeve.

The integrated 6.5-watt high-performance amplifier can already provide large rooms with HD audio announcements or background music on a 600-ohm loudspeaker system; more power can be achieved by connecting a PA system.

The Snom PA1+ is not only controllable from any Snom telephone or a central source, thanks to the supplied cable harnesses together with the freely configurable relay contacts that can be controlled via SIP or DTMF, a variety of devices can be activated by a current pulse, e.g. a garage door or an electric door latch. Security plays an increasingly important role, which is why the Snom PA1+ uses the ultimate standards, such as SHA2.

With the Snom PA1+, a SIP PBX can be expanded to become a broadcasting system for HD audio announcements from any Snom SIP phone or to play background music in rooms, corridors and office floors. Another possible use is the freely configurable relay contacts, which can be remotely controlled via SIP or DTMF and thus help to integrate existing door opening systems.


Wall mounting possible

Thanks to the notches, two at the top and two at the bottom, it is possible to mount the unit anywhere on a wall.

LED display

Detect from a distance whether the unit is ready for operation.

This device has a Gigabit network input and an output (switch) for connecting a computer.

This device supports with its hardware and the supported codecs, the highest audio quality.

This device supports both Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) and IPv6.

This device can receive its power from a connected network cable, provided that the network switch used supports this and has enough power to supply all connected devices.

This device supports all common security protocols, such as TLS, SIPS, SRTP, etc.

This device has an integrated phone book.


Snom PA1+ VoIP Paging Amplifier Datasheet

Snom PA1+ VoIP Paging Amplifier User Manual


Snom PA1+ VoIP Paging Amplifier Datasheet

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