Fanvil X4U Enterprise IP Phone


Fanvil X4U Enterprise IP Phone

· HD audio with Harman speaker and wideband codec G.722 and Opus
· 2.8-inch 320×240-pixel color display
· 2.4-inch 320×240-pixel color side display
· 12 SIP lines
· 30 DSS keys, 3 line keys with LED light
· Dual Gigabit port, PoE integrated
· Support EHS wireless headset
· Support Bluetooth via optional Bluetooth dongle
· Support WiFi via optional Wi-Fi dongle
· Support IPv4 , IPv6 protocol




Fanvil X4U provides the direct access to instructions with two high-resolution 320×240 color displays, which is an ideal option for enterprises to improve the flexibility and have a greater productivity on daily work. Harman speaker and wideband codec of G.722 and Opus in this device deliver you an immersive HD audio experience in both high band and low band with the network.
Adopting a more intuitive design with a 2.8-inch color LCD, a 2.4-inch color side LCD and 3 line keys with LED light, Fanvil X4U allows a more user-friendly feature customization. Matched with accessories, like EHS headset via EHS Cable, WiFi via WiFi dongle and Bluetooth via Bluetooth dongle, Fanvil X4U is designed to encourage your flexibility at work.

Supports EHS Wireless Headsets
The Fanvil X4U supports EHS wireless headsets, for a professional VoIP phone experience



PoE Switch


Fanvil X4U Datasheet

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