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Tema AD630 – SIP Network PA Horn Speaker, PoE, 40W


Innovative features

  • Launch of PA ads from any phone by calling the account of the IP SIP Speaker
  • 2nd SIP accounts night call repeater function, sounds files freely customizable
  • Output for 2nd passive speaker 20W 8 Ohm to extend the served area or to generate a 100V-20W audio line
  • Double internal audio amplifier 2x20W (maximum output power using external power supply)
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) 802.af standard, Option to power via external power supply.
  • 2 internal relays for external devices drives via LAN
  • 16 Multicast channels for broadcasting background music, silenced by ads
  • Volume adjustable separately for all audio channels Multicast/Ads/Ringtone
  • Internal microphone for environment listening (Monitor) and normal bidirectional communication
  • 1 alarm trigger input for one of the alternate functions:
  • a) Generate a phone call and sends a message of alert (SIP SECURITY INFO CALL)
    b) Pre-recorded announcements launch from the speaker (Notice/Deterrence)
    c) “Push to Talk” feature for phone communication driven by local external button (not included)
  • 2 inputs for external call buttons to 2 programmable SIP numbers or IP addresses
  • LAN P2P (Peer to Peer) operation even without PBX
  • Remote programming via integrated LAN Web Server
  • Compatible with all SIP standard IP-PBXs on the market
  • Mobile Phone integration via app.
  • IP65 grade of protection

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LAN, protocolTCP / IP Network 10 / 100BaseTx, SIP 2.0
Degree of protectionIP65, weatherproof
SupplyPoE, PoE injector or external power supply
PoE802.3af class 0 12.95W
External power supply (Option)230Vac / 12-24Vdc-1-2a
Safetyaccess via password, activity log
Inputs from external alarm commands1
Differentiated call button inputs2
Contact rating of the 2 internal relaysmax 30Vdc – 1,5A
TechnologyIMX25 400MHz processor
Memory256MB Ram, 2GB Micro-SD Flash
Container materialaluminum and Abs
Operating temperaturefrom -20 ° to + 55 ° C
Storage temperaturefrom -20 ° to + 65 ° C
Humidityup to 100%
Weight2,1 Kg
Audio amplifier40W (Eastern Power) Class “D” (10W PoE)
Acoustic unit impedance8 Ohm
Bandwidth300 – 7000Hz
Acoustic pressure (SPL)117 dB A (1KHz at 1 meter)
Internal microphoneomnidirectional electret 30Hz-18KHz
Multicast audio streamingG711µ, G711a, G722, L16 from 16 to 44 kHz
Audio communicationUnidirectional and Bidirectional
Additional speakers1 passive speaker 8 Ohm 20W
Messages / Soundspre-recorded in the internal SD memory
linkSIP Server (IPPBX) or P2P (Peer To Peer)
Smartphone APPiOS, Android
Acoustic signalscall tone, Ding-dong announcement
Visual signalsCall active LED
Programmingpractical web interface and password
Originentirely developed and built in Italy
warranty2 years, possibility of extension (Option)
CompatibilityCE, ROHS

Additional information

Weight2.5 kg


LAN, protocols: TCP/IP Network 10/100BaseTx, SIP 2.0
Grade of protection: IP65
Power Supply: PoE, Injector PoE or ext power supply
PoE: 802.3af class 0 12,95W
External Power Supply (Opt.): 230Vac/12-24Vdc-1-2A
Security: Password access, activity logs
Inputs from external alarm commands: 1
Inputs for diversified call buttons: 2
Contact rating of the 2 internal relays: max 30Vdc – 1.5A
Technology: IMX25 400MHz processor
Memory: 256MB Ram, Micro-SD Flash 2GB
Housing material: aluminum and Abs
Operating temperature: from -20° to +55°C
Storage temperature: from -20° to +65°C
Umidity: up to 100%
Installation: wall mount
Dimensions: Diam. 240x290mm
Weight: 2,1Kg
Audio Amplifier: 40W (Ext. Pwr Supply) Class “D” (10W PoE)
Acoustic unit impedance: 8 Ohm
Audio Bandwidth: 300 – 7000Hz
Acoustic pressure (SPL): 117 dB A (1KHz at 1 meter)
Internal Microphone: omnidirectional electret 30Hz-18KHz
Multicast RTP Audio Streaming: G.711 a-Law, μ-Law, G722
Audio Communication: Unidirectional and Bidirectional
Additional speakers: 1 passive speaker 8 Ohm 20W
Messages/Sounds: pre-recorded into the internal SD
Smartphone APP: iOS, Android
Connection: SIP Server (IPPBX) or P2P (Peer To Peer)
Acoustic signaling: call tones, ads Ding-dong
Visual signaling: Active call led
Programming: user-friendly web interface and passwords
Origin: entirely developed and manufactured in Italy
Warranty: 2 years, possibility of extension (option)
Compatibility: CE, ROHS


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Tema AD630 Horn Speaker Datasheet


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