SIP Ceiling Speaker

SIP Ceiling Speakers are ideal for indoor applications like Classrooms, Open Plan offices, etc. IP Ceiling  Speakers are low profile, easy and cost effective to install and are available in both on wall and in wall mount options.

We offer a comprehensive range of SIP Ceiling speakers with option for Mic, Relays, Inputs for Call buttons, SD card for audio files, etc.

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Algo 8188 SIP Ceiling Speaker

PoE Wideband IP Ceiling Speaker for Voice Paging, Notification Alerting & Playing Background Music IP voice

C15P SIP Ceiling Speaker PoE

C15P IP Ceiling Speaker for Voice Paging, Notification Alerting & Playing Background Music SIP ceiling spea
$449.00 Add

Cyberdata 011398 SIP Talk Back Speaker

• Full-duplex (SIP) or half-duplex (push to talk) • Support for security code to prevent unwanted SIP calls
$895.00 Add

Cyberdata 011458 Ceiling Speaker

Receives multicast messages Supports audio prioritization for 10 multicast paging groups Can receive pages dir
$485.00 Add

Escene PS760P Ceiling SIP Speaker / Ringer with MIC

SIP Paging  Speaker / Ringer with integrated Mic HD Voice, Full duplex talking, Auto-AEC. 13W speaker. S
$449.00 Add

Grandstream GSC3505 Wi-Fi SIP Speaker

PoE, one 10/100Mbps network port with PoE/PoE+ Built-in dual-band WiFi support Integrated Bluetooth Full-ba
$299.00 Add

Grandstream GSC3510 Wi-Fi SIP Speaker with MIC

3 directional mics Integrated Bluetooth Dual-band Wi-Fi Full duplex speakerphone with echo cancellation
$332.00 Add

PoE 6311 – SIP Ceiling Speaker / Ringer

● Can be mounted to any place accessible to network. ● Support maximum 48kHz sampling rate, 16bit digital audio
$395.00 Add

Tema AD633 – SIP Network Ceiling Speaker, PoE, with optional Mic

 Launch of PA ads from any phone by calling the account of the IP SIP Speaker  Security code from keyboard to s
$620.00 Add