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4G LTE Multi Apartment Intercom with Keypad


  • For up to 200 apartments
  • Receive your intercom calls on your phone wherever you are
  • Open a gate or door lock from your phone
  • Calls 3 numbers in sequence, mobiles or landline telephones.
  • Up to 1152 user Caller ID access control
  • 384 user PIN codes access control
  • User selectable 1-14 digit PIN codes
  • 2 relay outputs for optional easy control the gate opener or alarm parts
  • Blue backlit keypad for easy night time operation.
  • Die cast aluminum vandal resistant design
  • Installation and set-up are simple (SMS, APP)
  • Check log via SMS/ Email
  • Available with 12V – 24V AC/DC input


Multi Apartment 4G LTE audio keypad intercom system is designed for apartment blocks, shared compounds, and multiple family complexes. It can dial up to 200 different apartments. When a visitor arrives at your property they will enter the apartment number on the keypad and press “call” which will then connect to a phone number, landline or mobile (up to 3 numbers per resident or family, can be added which will be rung in sequence), once you answer the phone and speak to them you can then open the gate from your phone and let them in remotely from wherever you are in the world.

This system also have Mobile Access Control built in which recognizes your Caller ID and allows entry. You can open the gates by dialing the SIM card number held within the unit to open your gates, when a call is received, it is dropped and the Caller ID checked against numbers programmed and if there is a match, will send a signal to open, any unknown callers will be ignored and also by pressing a PIN code of your choice on the keypad to gain access to your property.

The unit is easily wired into your gate and garage systems and it does not need any special installation or complicated wiring; it needs power only and an active SIM card.

SS1603-01- Interpretation chart

Additional information

Weight 2 kg


Operating Voltage 12 to 24 Volt AC/DC
Operating Current Maximum 250 mA, Typically 55mA
GSM / 3G Frequency GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
3G 850/900/1900/2100MHz
Physical size Face plate: 180 x 109 mm, Stainless cabinet:189(H)*118(W)*65(D) mm
Length of antenna 3 meters cable
Humidity Less than 80% RH
Operating Temperature -20℃ to 50℃

Intercom Video Presentation


4G LTE Audio Intercom Datasheet


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