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SIP Door Phones use Session Initiation Protocol commonly known as SIP to communicate with other network devices. SIP compatibility offers the door-phone units the ability to integrate with IP telephone systems. Although SIP door-phones don’t need a IP PBX to function, all SIP enabled door-phones have the ability to connect to one. This enables increased functionality of the devices, SIP door-phones can integrate with Telephone / VoIP networks to make and receive calls and support a wide variety of call management / routing functionalities to suit various end user requirements.

Integration with telephone services enables SIP door-phones to call multiple devices/ phones or groups of devices/ phones one after another and also make calls to mobile phones or external numbers which can be very beneficial to users. Integration of SIP door-phones and Telephones also allows dual use of devices – you can answer and make Intercom and Telephone calls from the same device unlike traditional systems where Intercom and Telephone systems were separate units. This makes SIP devices cost effective by eliminating unnecessary duplication of hardware, cabling and installation costs.

With the roll out of NBN more and more systems are becoming SIP compliant and SIP door-phones are increasingly gaining popularity. We offer a huge range of SIP door phones from world leading brands like 2N , AkuvoxDoorbird Fanvil , Grandstream etc. Please click on links to explore.

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