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  • A1071 Doorbird Ethernet to 2 wire converter

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    The Doorbird 2 wire converter will convert your Ethernets POE signal to be used with a 2 wire system, such as an existing door chime wiring, and convert it back again to allow connection to your Doorbird Intercom.

    Have trouble running a cat 5e or 6 cable to your intercom? Dont have a Wifi signal reliable enough at the Intercom installation location? No problem, utilise your existing electric strike or doorbell wiring to both power and transmit data to your intercom.

    The Converter supports both af and at modes of POE, allowing up to 30w to be used to power all matter of devices, such as cameras and intercoms.

    Note: POE injector/switch is not included or part of this product.

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  • Doorbird Birdguard B101 with motion detector

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    • Perfect addition to Garages or delivery areas where a intercom is not needed, but monitoring and security is paramount.
    • Utilize the Birdguard for that additional gate or lock release, or attach it to your Garage door controller.
    • Also incorporates an inbuilt amplifier allowing connection of an external siren, to scare away those unwanted guests.
    • Unlock your doors, take a video of intruders, or talk to the delivery man and ask him to leave your parcel inside, all while monitoring the entire event.
    • Equipped with a 180 degree motion sensor and light sensor and guaranteed to work work in the most extreme conditions.
    • Able to operate over WiFi or Ethernet (POE), with available connections for electric door strikes or openers, and built in amplifier.
    • IP54 rain, snow, frost and heat protection Rating means it can operate in conditions from -20 to +50 degrees.


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  • Doorbird Intercom Surface Mount Box

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    • Enable surface mounting of doorbird intercom
    • Perfect solution for Retro Fit installations
    • V2A is stainless steel IP65
    • V4A is atainless steel IP65 for harsh conditions and is salt water resistant.

    Please select surface mount housing from options below.


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  • Doorbird Intercom Wi-Fi Chime

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    The DoorBird IP Door Chime is extremely versatile and aesthetically designed to fit in your home. The chime is an ideal addition to every DoorBird door station. It can be flexibly installed on a wall or the ceiling of your home. The connection of the door chime to the network can be made via WiFi or via network cable. The chime can also be powered conveniently via Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).

    The network-based door chime is configured via the DoorBird App. In addition to the volume and the multiple ringtones it is also possible to set the door chime to a do not disturb mode (Coming Soon!). A DoorBird door station can be connected to an unlimited number of door chimes and the door chime supports an unlimited number of door stations.

    • Front door and storey-call option
    • WiFi, Ethernet, PoE
    • Configurable via App worldwide
    • Do not disturb mode (Coming Soon!)
    • Works online and offline
    • Multiple ringtones available (50+)
    • Unlimited range, works anywhere
    • Easy to hear, discrete design
    • Made in Germany
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  • Doorbird RFID Key Fobs

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    DoorBird 125 KHz Transponder Key Fobs and Cards, 64bit, write-protected, material ABS, for D21x and later work flawlessly with all Doorbird RFID equipped readers.

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  • ES110 – Lockwood Padde Series electric strike

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    • IP 56 Weather Resistant
    • Fail safe / Fail secure changeable
    • Stainless steel strike for extra strength and durability
    • Stainless steel locking pins
    • Available in 12 or 24 V DC
    • Suitable for use with all access control systems
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  • Protective Hood for Doorbird Intercom

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    • Brushed Stainles Steel Hood for extra protection
    • Complements surface mount installations
    • Can be used only with surface mount box


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  • Tenda -TEF1105P-4-63W , 5 port PoE switch

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    Fast Ethernet PoE switch comes with 4  PoE ports + 1 uplink port. The switch enables users to use all the PoE ports to connect PoE powered devices without wasting any PoE ports for uplink.

    • Auto Detects Powered Devices
    • Plug and Play no configuration required
    • 802.3af / at  PoE power compliant
    • IEEE 802.3af /at power on up to 4 ports
    • 4 x 10/100 Mbps PoE Ports + 1 uplink port
    • Supports PoE power up to 30W for each PoE port
    • 6KV lightning protection
    • Upto 250 meters long distance transmission
    • LED indicators for monitoring power, link, activity and speed
    • Desktop metal case with 63W external power supply




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