SIP Video Intercoms

SIP Video intercoms are a generation ahead of IP Intercoms. Besides doing everything that an IP intercom can do, SIP intercoms offer the extra functionality of being able to integrate with IP Phones and Phone Systems.

SIP Intercoms can also work as standalone systems, however connecting with phone system enables SIP intercoms to call multiple devices. Users can make and receive both Intercom and phone calls from one device unlike traditional systems where intercoms and phones were separate devices on separate networks . This makes SIP Intercom systems extremely cost effective, they eliminate duplication of hardware, cabling and installation costs.

Akuvox and 2N SIP video intercom systems are robustly built to handle adverse weather conditions. They offer users great value for money with many advanced features like Keypad / RFID Access Control, Visitor Snapshot Capture, Video Recording, Call forwarding to mobile etc. These intercoms can also Integrate with 3rd party automation systems.

Akuvox and 2N SIP video intercoms come in a range of models designed to suit various deployment scenarios and budgets. We offer the full range of Akuvox and 2N intercoms in the ANZ markets.

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Tenda -TEF1105P-4-63W , 5 port PoE switch

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